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Sicilian Mood is a cultural marketing project created by the Sicilian director and producer Luca Vullo and realised in partnership with TIJ Events (the most important agency who has been long promoting Italian artists in Europe), in order to promote Sicilian artists and excellencies from the island, through the universal language of the music. The event consists of touring music artists in prestigious venues, in the most important world capitals where in addition to live music you can taste the flavours of Sicily. All the artists have found an original and interesting key to tell their "Sicilian soul". The economic supporters of the project are private and public Sicilian sponsors from all over the world who like to embrace the project.

The first and successful event was on 11th June 2017 at The Garage in London. 

After two successful shows in Berlin and Dublin, Sicilian Mood Euro tour 2018 is back to London on 10th June.

Live music, dj set, vj performance and much more!

This event aims to promote the culture of one of the most stunning islands in the world by using the universal language of music and art.


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