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A documentary by Luca Vullo

Dallas in Prizzi is an unlikely love story between an American Psychiatrist and an ancient town on a mountain in the middle of the Mediterranean’s largest island.
The project was created and financed by Dave Atkinson, who sought to promote and reinforce the values of a marvellous little town and its people in Sicily. The film, in fact, tells the story of the journey of group of artists from Dallas, Texas that arrive in the middle of the week before the extremely unique Easter, in the beautiful town of Prizzi(the highest altitude town of the island) to paint three murals as a homage to community.
The Americans, after experiencing the cultural shock, enter into a deep relationship with the people of Prizzi, understanding their political and economic frustrations, and use beauty to help them go beyond their habitual skepticism.The Sicilians repay the foreigners with the great warmth and welcoming spirit that distinguish their people.
This encounter between Sicily and Texas demonstrates the importance of art in building the relationships necessary for the flourishing of culture.

DIRECTOR  Luca Vullo

PRODUCER Dave Atkinson
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Ondemotive Productions
EDITOR Sebastiano Saro Greco
ORIGINAL MUSIC Giuseppe Vasapolli
FEATURING ARTISTS Frank Campagna, Olivia Cole, Maria Haag

MAIN DIALOGUE LANGUAGE Italian/English with English/Italian Subtitles


RELEASE Completed 30 April 2018
COUNTRY Sicily - Italy
TYPE Documentary

nuova locandina dallas in prizzi.jpg

Best Documentary Film 2018  

West Texas Film Festival (Odessa)


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